Symantec: Majority of Americans Struggle with Basic Computing Tasks

Paul Lilly

Security firm Symantec released its new "State of PC Health" study and the results are anything but comforting. According to the study, the overwhelming majority of American computer users neglect their PCs, resulting in lower performance and higher security risks.

The study was conducted by NortonLive, the consumer services arm of Norton, which pulled data from over 1 million PCs running Norton PC Checkup. Here's a sampling of what they found:

  • 1 in 7 users do not optimize (or defragment) their hard drive often enough
  • 68 percent of users experience slow system start-up and 66 percent of users have average or below average system performance, which NortonLive says is likely due to lack of computer maintenance
  • 80 percent of users do not have any backup software installed

According to the study, Norton PC Checkup customers showed an equally lackadaisical attitude towards system security. For example, 41 percent of users use completely open wireless routers with no security protection, while 45 percent don't have a firewall installed.

Norton PC Checkup is a free diagnostic tool, which you can download here .

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