Symantec Launches Cloud-Based Endpoint Protection for SMBs

Paul Lilly

Security firm Symantec on Wednesday announced the launch of its Hosted Endpoint Protection, a new cloud-based product targeting small and medium sized businesses. As Symantec explains it, the new service will make it easier for SMBs to deploy comprehensive security across their network without the need for more hardware or management software.

"As the hosted model for messaging security has become increasingly popular for its ease of management and deployment, organizations are similarly motivated by the reduced complexity that cloud-based services can offer while effectively protecting their endpoint systems," said Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President, Symantec Hosted Services. "Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection leverages our SaaS expertise to deliver advanced technologies that help protect customer systems without requiring additional hardware, management software, or dedicated IT staffing."

Some of the features include always-on protection for Endpoints, a Web-based management console, the ability to add new computers without requiring on-site management servers, automatic updates, scalability, and the speed at which the service can be deployed via email invitation or silently pushed to the customer's network, Symantec says.

Those wishing for a free trial can do so here .

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