Symantec: Data Centers Understaffed, Over Budget

Paul Lilly

IT managers have had plenty to complain about ever since the economy took a nosedive and companies starting make cuts, and according to Symantec's "State of the Data Center" report, half of all IT execs surveyed say their data centers are under manned .

"We recently actually lost 25 percent of our departments in cutbacks," one network manager in New York told researchers. "I'm now doing a number of different jobs. I work from home and on the weekends doing things I never had to do before. I am just trying to do more with less. We could use more people, but right now, it doesn't seem to be an option."

Some 16 percent of those surveyed said that their data centers were extremely understaffed, while the other 34 percent said their data centers were somewhat understaffed.

Even so, most of the 1,780 enterprises pinged said they are having trouble coming up with a budget that would allow them to hire more data center staff members and continue to look at ways to cut costs. Just what every overworked IT exec wants to hear.

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