Sybase Updates Mobile Enterprise App for iPad, Android


Enterprise software maker Sybase on Tuesday said it plans to update its mobile device enterprise management software, Afaria, to support iPads and Google Android OS devices.

"The popularity of highly functional smart mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android and now the iPad, is significantly impacting enterprise mobility support requirements as these devices increasingly cross over from consumers into the corporate setting," said Jack Gold, president and principal analyst of J. Gold Associates, LLC. "The extensive communities currently established around mobile development will enable a near term and dramatic growth of data-rich deployments of enterprise-class applications where security and manageability are key requirements. Companies such as Sybase that exhibit leadership and a deep expertise in enterprise mobility, security and management, will be required to drive this emerging evolution in mobile business solutions."

The updated software, which will be available in in Q2 in the Afaria 6.5 feature pack, will include a new ability to manage Android devices from the Afaria console, expanded management capabilities such as the ability to perform a remote kill for iPhone and iPad, expanded security to block unknown or non-compliant devices from accessing corporate assets for mobile devices, and enhancements to scalability, Sybase said.

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