Swiss Company Demos Video Street View


Google might be the most popluar online service to offer 360-degree Street View maps with panoramic photos stiched together of several surroundings, but surprisingly, it's a company in Europe called GlobalVision who appears to be leading the charge .

GlobalVision upped the ante in the Street View game by puttering around Switzerland in a Citroen equipped with 360-degree video cameras. The company then created a demo site called

The demo site consists of a map in the right pane and a video player in the left. Routes with red lines are accompanied by video, and once you pick a starting point and ending point, the video loads and begins play. But the coolest part is being able to swivel the video in same manner you would a 360-degree photo, and it will keep playing from that angle. The video doesn't even pause as you're manipulating the camera, and it kind of feels like you're sitting in the passenger seat.

Give it a test spin here , then tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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