Swedes Seize Pirate Mainframe Containing 16,000 Movies

Pulkit Chandna

Swedish cops seized a server containing 16,000 pirated movies in a raid they conducted last month. It is claimed that the server belonged to a file-sharing ring called Sunnydale and was being operated furtively at a location outside Stockholm from where it was seized.

Antpiratbyrån, a private copyright advocacy group, claims that the entire Sunnydale file-sharing ring, which consists of 10 servers, has been rendered ineffective due to the raid.

Anti-piracy lawyer Henrik Pontén even made a very lofty claim to underscore the importance of the raid. He said that the Sunnydale ring was the source of all illegal content on The Pirate Bay .

But The Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde refuted Pontén’s tall claim. "More than 800,000 people have uploaded to The Pirate Bay, so I don't believe it's the source of everything. But it is possible that it's a major source," he told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Image Credit: Instructables

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