Swann's DIY Alarm Offers Home Security on the Cheap

Paul Lilly

Depending on the size of your home, a professional security system may not come cheap. And once you're finished paying for the hardware, there's the monthly fee to contend with. Swann Security has another, less expensive option.

If you can do without the "high-priced hassle of professionally monitored systems" and are willing to bank on loud sirens fending off would-be crooks, then you might be interested in Swann Security's new Home Series Alarm range. The Home Series Alarm Range is an entire line of window, door, and general motion detection alarms that can be used by themselves or in conjunction with a Swann home surveillance solution.

Each alarm emits a 110db+ siren when activated and run as low as $10. The basic Window Alarm, for example, costs a single Hamilton and comes with a self-adhesive pad for tool-less installation. If the built-in sensor detects the vibration of a window during a forced entry, the alarm goes off.

There are several options available, including a $30 wireless ceiling alarm with 360-degree monitoring up to 9 feet. For the full rundown, see here .

Image Credit: Swann Security

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