Survey Shows IT Budgets on the Rise as Jobs Head Offshore

Paul Lilly

Sending jobs offshore is more commonplace than ever in the tech industry. According to a recent survey, nearly two thirds -- 65 percent -- of tech firms outsource at least part of their business. Nearly one in four of these offshore jobs are for existing services, while another 20 percent said they use offshore services to manage their day-to-day operations.

The numbers come from the Society of Information Management (SIM) and are based on data collected from high-level IT workers at 275 companies, according to ComputerWorld . In addition to a culture of offshore hiring, the survey also revealed that IT workers tend to stick around with employee turnover averaging less than 6 percent.

In what can be seen as a positive sign for the IT field, budgets are finally returning to pre-recession levels, NetworkWorld reports . Some 83 percent of survey respondents said their 2011 IT budget either went up or stayed the same compared to 2010, and 85 percent said they expect their 2012 IT budgets to increase.

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