Survey Says You're Doing More Sexting These Days

Paul Lilly

"I want to be on you" - Ron Burgundy

Could you imagine if Ron Burgundy owned a cell phone? Actually, it's probably best if you don't visualize what he'd do with one, such things have a tendency to burn a permanent spot in your brain requiring years of therapy to remove. Though you may not want to picture Ron Burgandy firing off sext messages, there's a good chance you or someone you know actively engages in sexting .

According to a report released by Pew Research, sexting -- sending sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude photos and videos via cell phone -- is on the rise and is practiced by couples and singles alike. Specifically, 9 percent of adult cell phone owners have sent a sext of themselves to someone else, up from 6 percent who fessed up in 2012.

One in five cell phone owners say they've received a sext from someone they know, up from 15 percent in 2012, and 3 percent of cell phone owners admit to having forwarded a sext to someone else.

"Married and partnered adults are just as likely as those not in a relationship to say they have sent sexts; single adults are more likely to report receiving and forwarding such images or videos," Pew Research says.

The topic of sexting is just one subset of the entire report, which itself focuses on how couples interact with technology. For example, 25 percent of cell phone owners who are married or in a partnership felt their spouse or partner was distracted by their cell phone when they were together. At the same time, 9 percent said they resolved an argument with their partner online or by text message when they were having difficulty resolving the problem in person.

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