Survey Reveals Students Dream of Landing a Job at Google or Apple

Paul Lilly

The American Student Survey aims to reveal how students preceive organizations as employers in the United States, and if the latest results are any indication, today's college students would love to work for Google. Or Apple. Or several other technology companies, and not just in the field of IT, but also business, engineering, natural sciences, and humanities/liberal arts, each of which is ranked individually.

Regardless of the field of study, students would love to land a job at Google, which ranked the No. 1 ideal destination in both business and IT, No. 2 in engineering, No. 5 in humanities/liberal arts, and No. 9 in natural sciences. Average those out and Google becomes the third or fourth most dreamed about destination among the 61,726 survey respondents.

Apple also ranked high in all five categories, including No. 2 in business, No. 3 in IT, No. 5 in engineering, No. 8 in humanities/liberal arts, and No. 11 in natural sciences. On average, respondents perceive Apple as a little better than the sixth most ideal employer.

Other relatively high ranking tech companies include Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, and IBM, depending on which field of study.

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