Survey Reveals IT Staff Like to Snoop

Paul Lilly

According to Cyber-Ark's fourth annual "Trust, Security, and Passwords" survey, IT staff are finding it increasingly difficult to avoid the temptation to snoop other people's PCs.

The survey pinged 400 IT professionals from all corners of the U.S. and U.K., most of which work for enterprise-size businesses. Of those, 67 percent said they access confidential information not relevant to their jobs.

But that isn't all. Some 41 percent of those surveyed admitted to abusing administrative passwords to spy on sensitive or confidential information, up from 31 percent over the last two years, Cyber-Ark says. IT staff in the U.S. said they're most interested in peeking at the customer database, while those in the U.K. were more concerned with looking at their internal HR records.

Download the full report here .

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