Survey: More than a Third of Women Addicted to Facebook

Paul Lilly

It doesn't take a survey to prove that Facebook is popular, but if we're to put a testosterone-filled slant on the study released this week by Oxygen Media, the social networking site might be a great way to meet women.

Oxygen Media studied the habits of 1,605 adults using social media between May and June of this year, asking them several questions in the process. In doing so, the study's authors found that 21 percent of women between the age of 18-34 check Facebook in the middle of the night. Here's where things get interesting.

Again focusing just on the women, 39 percent classified themselves as Facebook addicts, while 57 percent said they talk to people online more than in person. Some other stats to slant however you see fit:

  • 42 percent have no problem posting pics of themselves intoxicated
  • 79 percent don't take to issue to kissing in photos
  • 50 percent are open to being Facebook friends with complete strangers

Make of those numbers what you will, knowing that if you strike out with a complete stranger, the next one you hit up is likely to add you as a friend. Play your cards right and she'll eventually post a pic of you two swapping spit while intoxicated.

More stats here .

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