Survey: IT Salaries Trending Upwards

Paul Lilly

Jobs aren't exactly easy to come by these days, but for those employed as security professionals, 2009 wasn't all that bad, a new survey suggests. According to ISC Squared, 55 percent of U.S. security pros said their salaries went up in 2009.

ISC Squared pinged more than 3,000 global technology security pros, over half of which were from the U.S. Of those, 800 claimed to have hiring authority, with 50 percent saying they expect to hire either full-time help or contractors in 2010.

"The results from our latest Career Impact Survey show that in a very difficult economic environment, organizations are placing an even higher value on the work that information security professionals do," W. Hord Tipton, executive director for ISC Squared, said in a statement. "It's a sign of the private and public sectors' ever-increasing dependence upon the stability and security of the online world, providing a plethora of career opportunities for knowledgeable, qualified, motivated security professionals."

The respondents represented a wide range of industries, including government, IT, professional services, and banking.

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