Survey: Cyber Monday to Draw More Shoppers than Black Friday

Paul Lilly

We can think of several things we'd rather do than go elbow-to-elbow with rabid shoppers on Black Friday, one of which involves bamboo and fingernails. We're not alone, either. According to a new survey by market research firm Compete, more bargain hunters are planning to do their shopping online on Cyber Monday (Monday following Thanksgiving) than in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving).

Some 45 percent of respondents said they'll click their way to savings on Cyber Monday, as opposed to 37 percent who will fight traffic, lack of sleep, and frenzied shoppers on Black Friday.

In terms of money spent, Black Friday still comes out on top with shoppers expected to spend $353 million. By comparison, Cyber Monday is 'only' expected to generate $233 million in sales. Huh? According to Compete, the discrepancy has to do with more people shopping high-end goods on Black Friday, particularly electronics, clothing, toys, and games.

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