Survey: Buyers Split Over Netbook vs iPad

Paul Lilly

If we were to ask Maximum PC readers which they would rather have, a netbook or an iPad, we suspect the netbook would win by a landslide. Pose the same question to the mainstream, however, and the results are a lot closer, according to a recent NPD study .

NPD pinged a group of 18-34 year olds to see which they'd prefer, and while the netbook came out ahead, it was a slim margin of victory. Just over half -- 51 percent -- said they'd prefer to roll with a conventional portable, but even more interesting, 44 percent of existing Apple device owners said they'd rather get a computer like the MacBook than an iPad.

"Considering what people are planning to use the iPad for, it's not hard to understand why people who have these capabilities on other devices, such as the iPod touch or a notebook/netbook, may not want to spend $500 or more on a similar device," NPD's Stephen Baker said. "This points to the need for Apple to close the content deals that focus the iPad on what is likely to be its best long-range value proposition...high quality media consumption."

Overall, about 57 percent objected to the $499 price point for the entry-level model, while 43 percent of Apple users also took issue with the price. Only 18 percent had serious plans to purchase an iPad in the near future.

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