Survey: Apple Top Rated Computer Company, Lenovo and Toshiba Tied for Second Place

Paul Lilly

Computer companies need to step up their game. Temkin Group set out to rate the customer experience of 206 large companies across 18 industries, and  computer companies didn't exactly impress. Collectively, they fell to the bottom of the pack, receiving the fourth-lowest average, edging ahead of health plans, Internet service providers, and TV service providers.

Temkin Group's research is based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers conducted last month. When it was all said and done, Apple emerged as the top-rated computer firm with an "Okay" rating of 65 percent and the 89th overall spot across all industries. Lenovo (62 percent), Toshiba (62 percent), and Hewlett-Packard (61 percent) also received "Okay" ratings, while all others fell into the "Poor" category, including:

  • Sony: 59 percent
  • Acer: 58 percent
  • Compaq: 58 percent
  • eMachines: 57 percent
  • Dell: 54 percent
  • Gateway: 54 percent

Even though Apple took the top spot in what turned out to be an overall weak showing by computer companies at large, Lenovo and Toshiba shouldn't beat themselves up over it. According to Temkin Group, Lenovo and Toshiba made the largest year-over-year improvements in the industry, each earning double-digit increases in their ratings.

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