Surprise! Getty Images Gifts the Web 35 Million Photos to Embed for Free



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fuck getty. they are not "free to use" by any stretch of the imagination and i somewhat resent the use of those words. The only thing they are doing is "freeing up" more opportunity to get their advert stuck on peoples blogs without paying the bloggers.

Yes, we should all be so grateful as to host advertising for these ass holes without any royalty.

If you want an image that is free to use go to the Library of Congress, not Getty



We have been doing embeds for about a year now, having Getty come in does excite us. Innovation in this space is definitely necessary -

Most importantly we use flattened jpgs to facilitate responsive designs and current CMS auto-generated thumbnails.

We aim to be a ethical-use marketplace, so our ethos might differ slightly from corporate Getty. Photographers strictly retain their rights and we only act as a facilitator. Free use is limited to 10,000 impressions but is allowable for commercial use. Our belief is that beyond 10k impressions, you are probably making enough that the photographer should be fairly compensated. While we might suggest image pricing, that is fully up to the image rights owners, giving them full control.



Maybe I misunderstood the comments from Getty's CEO but it won't be so "cut and dry" as you say Paul. From what I've heard the embedded tool will allow Getty to place ads directly into the image similar to what you get with YouTube where ads pop up before and during the playing of a video. This is to supplement revenue Getty would have earned by licensing the image outright. Unless you want more ads on your webpage or blog I don't suggest it.



That's actually pretty awesome