Surprise! RIAA Ordered to Pay $108K


Score one for the little guy, or more specifically, score $108K for Tanya Anderson. That's how much a federal judge is awarding Anderson, who successfully defended herself against allegations of copyright infringement, prompting the RIAA to drop its suit against her. Though few would scoff at a six figure verdict , Anderson doesn't appear finished dipping into the RIAA's pockets. In a countersuit, Anderson's attorney, Lory Lybeck, is seeking $300,000, or nearly three times the amount already received. Hitting the bigger payday has proven much more challenging, and has already been dismissed three times, and is currently pending for attempt number four.

Countersuit aside, it's still too early to declare victory against a ruthless RIAA hell-bent on alienating the music artists' lifeblood. Judge Redden, who presided over this case, ruled " An award of attorney's fees to the prevailing party are 'the rule rather than the exception' under the Copyright Act, and 'should be awarded routinely .'" Whether or not other judges agree with Redden's interpretation remains to be seen, and also relies on the RIAA losing more cases, something it's not accustomed to doing.

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