Surprise! Google+ Overtakes Twitter as Number 2 Social Network

Paul Lilly

A ghost town no more, Google+ is home to hundreds of millions of active users.

If you've been avoiding Google+ all this time because you heard it was a ghost town, perhaps it's time you give the social networking site a visit. Google+, while still not on the level of Facebook in terms of users and activity, has now surpassed Twitter in monthly active users, making it the planet's second busiest social networking site around, according to data collected by Global Web Index (GWI from here on out).

GWI's Q4 2012 report shows that Google+ grew in terms of active usage by 27 percent to 343 million users last year, topping Twitter and Youtube, both of which ended the year with a little over 300 million users. Interestingly, Twitter had the strongest growth at 40 percent in 31 markets, but it wasn't enough to keep its lead over Google+.

Facebook, meanwhile, is still way ahead of the pack.

"Something we’re seeing in our initial findings is a return to growth for Facebook," GWI said. "We now estimate that Facebook has 903 million accounts across 31 markets among 16-65 year olds. If we scale this up to the remaining 10 percent of global internet users we do not yet survey and factor in accounts for under-16s and over-65s our estimates fall in line with Facebook’s claimed 1 billion user figure."

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