Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Update Released At Last

Brittany Vincent

New firmware update released after previous patch pulled

After keeping users in the dark for quite some time, Microsoft has finally issued the long-awaited Surface Pro 2 update that will address the problems created during a December firmware release. You may remember our coverage as users continued to clamor for a date by which they could receive the update, and now it's finally here.

Microsoft addressed it as such via press statement: ”This weekend we released an update that addresses the unexpected wake and battery drain behavior experienced by a small number of Surface Pro 2 customers who installed the December Windows Update. This should have no impact on customers who had not received the December update.”

After the first fix was released and then quickly pulled, things were looking a bit grim for Surface Pro 2 users, but it seems as though anyone affected by the frustrating sleep mode and battery problems can rest a little easier now when using their shiny new piece of tech.

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