Supposed Bulldozer Benchmarks Outpace Sandy Bridge

Paul Lilly

Ever since Intel laid to rest it's Netburst architecture, AMD has only been able to look back and reminisce about a time when the Sunnyvale chip maker held the performance crown the way a washed up athlete remembers his days as an all-star on the high school football team. We're not saying AMD is washed up by any means, it just hasn't been able to dominate the benchmarks chart. The company's upcoming Bulldozer could change all that, especially if leaked benchmarks turn out to be legit.

Turkish website Donanimhaber posted a bunch of performance metrics it claims were achieved with an engineering sample of AMD's FX-8130P processor. A shot of CPU-Z shows the 8-core processor running at 3.2GHz with 8MB of shared L3 cache and 1.404V. It's a B1 stepping chip that can crank as high as 3.6GHz on all 8 cores using AMD's Turbo Core 2.0 technology, or up to 4.2GHz on half the cores (final clockspeeds are likely to be different).

Donanimhaber's benchmarks show the Bulldozer chip posting the following scores:

  • 3DMark 11: P6265
  • Cinebench R10: 24,434
  • Fritz Chess: 29.58, 14,197 kn/sec
  • PCMark 7: 3,045
  • SuperPi 1M: 19.5 seconds
  • X264: 45.39fps (P2), 136.29 (P1)

According to VR-Zone , the SuperPi 1M benchmark is nothing to brag about and is significantly slower than Intel, but in real world benchmarks, it's an entirely different story. Looking at the X264 metric, the Bulldozer's 136.29fps is made even more impressive when, as VR-Zone claims, Intel's fastest CPUs bench around 100fps.

Looking at the scores as a whole, and assuming they haven't been falsified, it appears Bulldozer sits somewhere between a Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K and Gulftown Core i7 990X.

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