Stuffs a Fridge Full of Features into SUPERAntiSpyware 5

Paul Lilly

The busy bodies at didn't waste any time putting their stamp on SUPERAntiSpyware, a popular spyware scanner they purchased earlier this summer. overhauled the real-time scan engine and shoveled every new feature the company could think of into SUPERAntiSpyware 5, the latest version released earlier this week and the first major update in two years.

"We've improved nearly every facet of the SUPERAntiSpyware real-time protection engine, having re-written it from the ground up to be lighter on system resources and provide an even more powerful line of defense against zero-day threats while maintaining its reputation as being particularly effective against hard-to-detect malware," said Nick Skrepetos (PDF) , CTO of Consumer Software for and the original founder of SUPERAntiSpyware.

Among the laundry list of new features is a faster and more power scan engine, improved real-time protection, better logging and scan details, the ability to scan ZIP archives, faster updates and less system overhead thanks to a smaller definition database, more scheduling options, a new UI, and more.

SUPERAntiSpyware still comes in two main versions, the Free Edition and Professional Edition ($30). There's also a portable scanner available for toting around on your USB thumb drive.

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Image Credit: SUPERAntiSpyware

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