Support for HTML Full-Screen API Added to Firefox Nightly Builds

Pulkit Chandna

Ever since Adobe announced its decision to abandon the development of Flash for mobile devices, there has been a lot of speculation about the ubiquitous plugin’s future. While it’s difficult to tell exactly how much more time Flash has left to go, that it will be usurped by HTML5 is almost certain. In the meantime, browser vendors can hone their browsers’ HTML5 skills. This is what Mozilla has been doing for some time now. Now it’s readying yet another feature that will benefit Firefox’s overall HTML5 capabilities.

The HTML full-screen API has been enabled in Firefox Nightly builds, allowing developers to easily  add native full-screen capabilities to their HTML5 video player interfaces, games and apps . Disabled by default inside nightly builds, this feature (already available in Chrome) is scheduled to arrive inside Firefox 10.

Worried by the possibility of the API’s misuse, Mozilla has decided to " only grant requests for full-screen when running in user-generated event handlers, e.g. a mouse click handler .” Further, keyboard input is currently restricted in full-screen mode to ward off the danger of phishing attacks.

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