Support Firm Suggests Holding Off on Windows 7 Upgrade, at Least for Now

Paul Lilly

National computer repair outfit Rescuecom admits "there are some compelling reasons for both business and home users to move to Windows 7, but is also cautioning Windows users not to be in such a rush to upgrade until the dust settles (and bugs are squashed).

"Transferring all their data, their digital life essentially, is one of the most common, most troubling issues that users have," said Josh Kaplan, president of Rescuecom. "Even if you're doing an in-place [upgrade], if you don't have a proper backup, you're still at risk. Without the proper preparation, moving ot a new OS is risky for anybody."

According to Kaplan, putting off an upgrade until a later date sports several advantages. Drivers will inevitably mature as more computers are designed for Windows 7, and upcoming patches will help ensure a safer upgrade. But those weren't the only reasons Kaplans says Windows users should sit tight.

"Given the economy, is that really a necessary expense right?," Kaplan questions when referring to the price of Windows 7.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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