Super RV770 in Diamond's Radeon HD 4870 XOC Black Edition



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I like Nvidia only because up until now it seems you could not get the performance of an Nvidia card from ATI albit at a premium price. The only card I see worth buying over ATI are the 8800gts g92 512mb, or the 280 or 260. This is a good thing that is happening because it will force Nvidia to lower its prices and offer card that are much better that previous cards (for example: 9800).



I've been a "closet" ATI/AMD fanboy for too long. Hopefully, this video card will harken back to the days of the 9700 Radeon! By the way, I recently sprung for an Nvidia 9600GT. I probably should have waited just 2 more months.



it's really good to hear that AMD/ATI is comming back to the game. i hope this will continue to include CPU also.



If it's not for retail ... then I don't know, I'm still going to stick with building, but it looks really cool! AMD might just get back :) . Now if only they could do that with CPUs ....



finally AMD/ATI has something to compete against the higher end nvidia cards. dont get me wrong, im a nvidia fan myself but its  does get very expensive at times to use nvidia cards.



That just it. Competition is good, ATI/Nvidia, AMD/Intel. It spurs competition to develop better faster gear and keeps prices down. It the PC enthusiasts that win when that happens!