Super Talent's USB 3.0 Express Drives are Super Fast, Affordable

Paul Lilly

Even with the lack of native USB 3.0 support in current chipsets, the SuperSpeed spec is thriving all the same thanks to third party chips from NEC, VIA, and others. That means whether you own a recently purchased or self-built PC, or plan on upgrading in the near future, it's time to retire your USB 2.0 thumb drives and replace them with USB 3.0 equivalents. Add Super Talent's new USB 3.0 Express ST2 f.ash drive to your list of possible candidates.

Super Talent says its ST2 transfers files about as fast as the company's USB 3.0 Express Duo (67MB/s read, 24MB/s write) and comes housed in the same aluminum case as the RC8, only in a smaller form factor.

"Just like the RC8, the translucent plastic features on the ST2 serve as both a means to retain the cap and it acts as a light piple for the enclosed blue LED; even straight through the cap," Super Talent explains.

The ST2 is available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities starting at $20.

Image Credit: Super Talent

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