Super Talent Unveils Sub-$15 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Paul Lilly

Kudos to Super Talent for jumping on the USB 3.0 bandwagon without price gouging, as is all too often the case with new (or in this case, relatively new) technologies.

For $14, you can pick up Super Talent's 8GB Express Duo flash drive with support for USB 3.0. Transfer rates check in at over 67MB/s, and of course it's backwards compatible with USB 2.0 (with a read speed around 32MB/s).

"The USB 3.0 Express Duo is perhaps our most exciting USB 3.0 flash drive to date. We were first to break the 300MB/s barrier with our USB 3.0 RAIDDrive and now we're breaking the $15 price barrier. There's simply no reason to buy a USB 2.0 flash drive anymore," said CH Lee , COO of Super Talent."

Super Talent is also selling a 16GB version of the Express Duo for $29. Check out the benchmarking video below.

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