Super Talent TerraNova SSD Brings Blazing-Fast Performance

Ryan Whitwam

What to do when an SSD just isn’t fast enough? Super Talent would like you to buy its new TerraNova SSD. This little piece of silicon is capable of a theoretical max 540MB/s read and write speeds. The drive packs up to 480GB of storage and uses a new SandForce 2200 controller to get those insane speeds.

The drive connects to the computer over SATA III 6Gbps, and Super Talent’s data shows that the smaller capacity versions of the TerraNova actually perform a little better for write speeds than the top of the line 480GB model. Specifically, the 240GB model hits 520MB/s in testing. The 480GB edition tops out at 480MB/s.

Super Talent has apparently begun shipping just today, so the drives should be in stock soon. The pricing will start at $109 for a 60GB drive, and reaches a stratospheric $920 for the 480GB unit.

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