Super Talent Showcases Dual Interface 'UltraDrive MX' SSD Series

Paul Lilly

Super Talent's newest SSDs sport both SATA II and mini-USB connectors.

Solid state drives (SSDs) are rather simple devices that you plug into your PC and fill with data. Not all SSDs are created equal, however, and Super Talent's latest twist on flash based storage is a dual-interface design. In addition to a SATA II interface, Super Talent's new UltraDrive MX2 SSDs also feature a mini-USB connection. What's the point? To make upgrading easy, Super Talent says.

Super Talent's decision to include a mini-USB connection is predicated on users wanting to port their laptop's existing software setup over to the new drive. Just plug the UltraDrive MX into one of your laptop's USB ports, use an imaging program like Acronis to create a copy, and then replace the HDD with the SSD.

What you end up with is a faster system, though the UltraDrive MX Series isn't going to win any speed records. It's limited to SATA II and tops out at 240MB/s sequential read and up to 180MB/s sequential write transfers (write performance varies by capacity).

"SSDs are becoming more accessible to the everyday user. The UltraDrive MX2 is our premium consumer offering for those wishing to max out the performance of laptops and desktops. The new dual interface we offer also allows users the flexibility for it to function as an internal or external drive," Super Talent said .

The UltraDrive MX Series comes in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. No word on when they'll be available to purchase or for how much.

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