Super Talent Releases Mini-PCI Netbook Storage Boosters

Paul Lilly

Super Talent this week released an SSD upgrade intended for the Asus S101 Eee PC. The flash storage comes embedded on a SATA mini-PCIe board and served up in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB capacities. All three models share the same read and write speeds -- up to 90MB/s and 55MB/s respectively -- offering modest performance.

"You can never have enough storage space," noted Joe James , Super Talent's director of marketing. "This is sure to be a popular upgrade for the S101."

And it probably will be, given that the interface should work with any netbok offering mini-PCIe storage expansion. Super Talent says all three models are shipping now, with the 64GB model retailing for approximately $169.

Image Credit: Super Talent

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