Super Skyrim Bros. Mod Update Adds New Content

Paul Lilly

Super Skyrim Bros. mod now has Warp Zones, new weapons, and more.

You can log hundreds or even thousands of hours in Skyrim and never once run into a Goomba King or stumble upon a Warp Zone. That kind of awesome is only available in Super Skyrim Bros. , a funky fresh mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The developer of the mod, "clintmich," reached out to Maximum PC to let us know he just finished work on an update that adds new bosses, new enemies, and whole lot more.

Super Skyrim Bros. version 1.1 has so much new stuff, you'll still find it's like a "whole new experience," even if you played the original, the developer says. Just a small sampling of what's new includes:

  • Coins pick up on touch
  • Dusty Dunes world
  • Goomba King stage boss
  • Waluigi stage boss
  • Ninja enemy
  • Spiny enemy
  • One handed hammers
  • Mega Mallet

In addition to new content, version 1.1 introduces several bug fixes and overhauls for a better gameplay experience. Being able to pick up coins by touching them rather than hitting the "E" key is one of the main fixes, but far from the only one.

Check out the trailer below, and then download the mod to play Skyrim like it's never been played before.

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