Super Skyrim Bros. Mod is Elder Scrolls on Mushrooms

Paul Lilly

In a roundabout sort of way, Super Mario finally made the jump to PC, albeit in an unofficial and oddly entertaining capacity. We're talking about the Super Skyrim Bros. mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which we reviewed at the beginning of the year (the game, not the mod), and it's exactly what it sounds like. Princess Toadstool once again finds herself captured by Bowser, and it's up to you to save her by traveling through Mushroom Kingdom and beating up Goombas using a Plumber's Hammer, Staff of Fire Flower, and Staff of Frost Fire.

"The mod adds an entirely new Kingdom (mini game) to play in the world of Skyrim," the mod's developers state. "This mod will not affect the look of your Skyrim game at all! All the new objects have been placed in a brand new world space. You will not see any Super Skyrim Bros. objects such as Brick Blocks, Question Blocks, or Super Skyrim Bros. enemies in any Skyrim locations. You will be able to keep an immersive experience while playing this mini game."

There's no eating mushrooms in the Super Skyrim Bros. mod, though take a minute-and-a-half to watch the above clip and you'll wonder if you already have. , our sister site, recommends that your character be at least level 20 before jumping into this funky alternative universe.

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