Stunningly Impractical Gesture UI From Minority Report One Step Closer To Reality

Maximum PC Staff

Some might argue that the mouse is currently a great tool for playing games of just about any genre, but Mgestyk Technologies politely disagrees . With the first (planned) public sale of a gesture control system, they seek to bring the Minority Report-like action straight to you.

Using only what’s been described as an “affordable 3D camera” and some proprietary software that will capture small hand gestures, they plan on challenging everyone’s favorite – the mouse. Understandably, some gamers might be reluctant to give up their Logitech or Razer in favor of holding their hands in front of a camera, there are undoubtedly some pretty notable foundations here.

In a video provided by Mgestyk there’s some pretty interesting footage demonstrating the technology that they've come up with. While yes, the reaction time between gesture and response may be a big higher than desired, there are plenty of people that have expressed interest. Mgestyk claims that they’ve got a waiting list for people looking to get their hands on the tech, and they aren’t willing to commit a release date or a price.

Image Credit: Mgestyk Technologies

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