Study Reveals Nearly 70 Percent of IT Workers Battle Phishing Attacks Every Week



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This has to be the worst example of a flawed study I've ever seen from Hewlett Packard.

Anyone who has an intermediate level education that has anything to do with technology, or a professional level knowledge... Knows that the united states (specifically the NSA) is by far the largest hacking organization in the world; nothing even comes close.

That the NSA and the remainder of the united states federal government are supposed to be accountable, and their to actually protect the interest of the citizens of america. Instead we have the government placing considerable spying efforts against both it's citizens and the companies of the united states.

It doesn't take much of a rocket scientist to trace back the origins of items such as phishing attacks.

But it does take someone with common sense to figure out WHY


John Pombrio

Look at this and despair. It looks so much like WOPPER. "Shall We Play A Game?"


The Mac

I question the authenticity of that.