Study: Windows Users Patch their OS Every 5 Days

Paul Lilly

Do you download updates and plug up your Windows install every 5 days? According to security service vendor Secunia, such is the burden the average Windows user faces .

"It's completely unreasonable to expect users to master so many different patch mechanisms and spend so much time patching," said Thomas Kristensen, the chief security officer of Secunia

Secunia came by its numbers by analyzing the results of its Personal Software Inspector (PSI), a free tool that scans PCs and compiles a list of potentially vulnerable software. According to Secunia, half of those who ran the program in January had 66 or more programs from 22 or more different vendors on their machines, which was also concerning to the company.

"That's why we called for software vendors to create a unified patching standard last year," said Kristensen. "A few vendors said 'We want to hear more,' but a lot just ignored us or turned down the idea outright."

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