Study Says Gamers Date, Marry, and Socialize More Than Non-Gamers

Nathan Grayson

Sorry this post is so late. On the way to our computer, we were mobbed by women, had to refuse a couple marriage proposals, and were forced to drum up conversations with a few people who actually weren't my mom. But it's ok! Because according to a recent study by IGN Entertainment and Ipsos Media CT, this sort of thing happens to you guys all the time (even without the ability to flash Maximum PC blogger credentials), so you probably understand.

The study corralled 3,000 participants and discovered, foremost, that gamers no longer display aesthetic symptoms typical of vampirism -- casting aside their dimly lit basements and blanched-white skin to bask in the company of other people. But here's the kicker: apparently gamers, in between playing games, find more time for their social outings than non-gamers.

For example, the study noted that gamers are 13% more likely to frequent movie theaters, 11% more likely to throw down in real life sports, and 9% more likely to kick back with friends than non-gamers. But it gets better.

See, we make more money too. Our deft reflexes, calloused thumbs, and superlative interloping abilities snag, on average, $79,000 per year, while non-gamers are forced to make do with $54,000. (Note: average income was not calculated to include money spent on gamers' hedonistic gaming and movie-going habits.)

And of course, everyone loves us, since dropping a pebble into our wells of knowledge wouldn't yield a splash for years. As such, 37% of those surveyed said friends and family look to them for entertainment advice, and 39% said they assist acquaintances with tech and gadgets.

So, if the cool kids are still beating you up out by the monkey-bars, you're in the minority. In fact, a large portion of us are probably helping administer the mega wedgie-swirly combos. What? We get bored.

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