Study Reveals Nearly 70 Percent of IT Workers Battle Phishing Attacks Every Week

Paul Lilly

Phising has become the top network security concern for enterprises

Hewlett-Packard sponsored a study conducted by research organization Ipsos Observer that shines a light on the number one concern for enterprises today. According to the study, almost 70 percent of IT professionals experience phishing attacks at least once a week , with customer data cited most often as the type of data attacked. After that, phishers are most interested in financial information.

Digging deeper, the study found that 7 out of 10 attacks generated within the network perimeter are the result of a malware-infected host. This underscores the importance of applying a layered approach to security.

"Organizations are increasingly challenged to protect their networks from advanced targeted attacks, in fact, it is likely that most environments have already been breached with systems infected by malware," said Frank Mong , vice president, Solutions, Enterprise Security Products, HP. "It’s important that IT professionals understand how attackers are trying to break through the network, and have confidence in their ability to mitigate attacks when every second matters."

China emerged as the site where most external network attacks originate, followed by Russia and the United States. However, IT workers seem most concerned with what users are doing on their PCs that aren't work related.

Some 85 percent of survey respondents said they're concerned about illicit file sharing and non-work related applications; 63 percent indicated concern with employees visiting adult-only websites on the corporate network, and 7 out of 10 view social media as a type of abuse occurring on the network.

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