Study: Minneapolis Tough to Hack, San Antonio Residents Easy to Dupe

Paul Lilly

Minnesota sports fans have been down in the dumps ever since Kevin McHale traded away Kevin Garnett for what amounted to broken hopes and dreams in return. But cheer up Minnesota residents, your state is home to the most secure city in the country, unlike those San Antonio Spurs fan, who are "most likely to be digitally duped."

That's according to security firm AVG , which ranked Minneapolis last on its list of U.S. cities at highest risk of being digitally defrauded. Other cities towards the bottom of the list include New York City, Cincinnati, Miami, and Nashville. San Antonio sat at the top of the list, followed by Tampa, Fla., Atlanta, Dallas, and Oklahoma City, with several other cities in between.

Regardless of city, AVG says Americans have developed poor mobile habits, noting that 40 percent of survey respondents don't use a password on their mobile device. Of those that do, more than a third -- 34 percent -- haven't changed their password in the past year.

AVG throws a bunch of other numbers and stats out there. For example, AVG says 38 percent of respondents admit to sharing online passwords with at least one other person, and 41 percent never manually run an antivirus scan.

On a positive note, AVG says 55 percent of users use two or fewer credit/debit cards each month for online purchases, and over 72 percent of online American's go over their online banking account at least once a week to check for discrepancies.

Image Credit: flickr (seafaringwoman)

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