Study: Microsoft's IE 9 Browser Tops at Blocking Socially Engineered Malware

Paul Lilly

Apparently Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser leads the pack in more ways than just market share. With regards to IE9, socially engineered malware (SEM) barely has a chance of wreaking havoc, according to a study put together by NSS Labs. The study's data has IE9 way out in front of all other browsers tested with a better than 99 percent protection rate.

According to NSS Labs , SEM is more prevalent than any other Internet-borne threat, and as many as 33 percent of all Internet users fall prey to these attacks. The study's data shows that your choice of browser could play a big role in how susceptible you are to SEM attacks.

IE9's SmartScreen URL and new Application Reputation feature combination proved highly effective in NSS Labs' tests, so much so that no other browser tested came close to offering the same protection. Chrome 12 came in at a distant second by blocking 13.2 percent of live threats, followed by Safari 5 (7.6 percent), Firefox 4 (7.6 percent), and Opera 11 (6.1 percent).

It should be noted that some of those browsers are out of data, which is largely the result of rapid release schedules. Nevertheless, it doesn't diminish IE9's near flawless performance, more of which you can read about in the full report (PDF) .

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