Study: Majority of Kids Will Use Touchscreens by 2015

Paul Lilly

A new report by Gartner suggests that by the year 2015, your kids are going to make you feel old. Really old. The reason? They're going to look at you funny when you talk about growing up on PCs without touchscreens, which they'll find more horrific than when your folks used to talk about trekking to and from school 5 miles in a blizzard, uphill, both ways.

"What we're going to see is the younger generation beginning to use touchscreen computers ahead of enterprises," said Leslie Fiering , research vice president at Gartner. "By 2015, we expect more than 50 percent of PCs purchased for users under the age of 15 will have touchscreens, up from fewer than 2 percent in 2009. On the other hand, we are predicting that fewer than 10 percent of PCs sold to enterprises in 2015 for mainstream knowledge workers will have touchscreens."

The reason enterprises will be outpaced by 15-year-olds in adopting touchscreens is because of the heavy requirements for typing and text input, Gartner says. And as prices come down, schools will emerge as a major market to touch and pen-enabled devices, exposing kids to touchscreen computing at a younger age than ever before.

"Consensus among the Gartner client U.S. school districts is that over half, and possibly as many as 75 percent, will be specifying touch and/or pen input within the next five years," said Ms. Fiering. "Consider this as the precursor to a major upcoming generational shift in how users relate to their computing devices."

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