Study: Majority of American Adults Believe Videogames Cause Violence

Nathan Grayson

Science (and real life ) may have provided ample evidence to the contrary, but that seemingly hasn't been enough to persuade the majority of American adults that videogames aren't diabolical tools of desensitization and bloodshed – the very weapons wielded by Satan's army. According to a survey uncovered by The Escapist that polled 1000 adults, 54 percent of American adults believe videogames to be a cause of increased real-world violence.

More troublingly, 69 percent expressed concern about the amount of violence in modern games, while 65 percent figured the government should have the right to pen a new chapter for its big ol' book of rules and regulations. Here's hoping -- for obvious reasons -- that the Supreme Court didn't contribute to this survey.

On the upside, only five percent thought the government should be the main decision-maker when it comes to “the amount of sex and violence children are exposed to in videogames,” with a whopping 71 percent putting that responsibility squarely on the shoulders of parents. Also of note: older adults were generally more up-in-arms about videogame violence than younger adults.

So basically, it's a pretty bleak picture, but there are a few dabs of hope mixed in there too. And so long as the older, gray-bearded folks don't succeed at pulling a Gandalf-style “you shall not pass” on gamers and our rights, it'll only be a matter of time until games stop taking so much flack. And what a wonderful day that'll be.

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