Study: Having Broadband Saves You $7,700 Per Year

Paul Lilly

The Internet Innovation Alliance put together an interesting graphic detailing just how much money broadband subscribers potentially save every year by having "access to education, job opportunities, social networking, and on-demand information." Did you know, for example, that the average amount saved on entertainment (restaurant dining, sporting/concert tickets, and leisure activities in five U.S. cities) works out to $2,747?

Broadband subscribers can expect to pocket $1,532 in savings on travel costs, $974 on housing, and $965 on food.

"Congress and the FCC should focus their efforts on policies that encourage investment in more robust networks and policies that expand digital literacy to those offline, rather than aggressive regulatory detours that discourage investment," said Bruce Mehlman, IAA co-chairman.

Based on an average U.S. household income before taxes of $62,857, IAA reckons broadband subscribers save as much as $7,707 each year on various goods and services thanks to having a fast Internet connection.

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