Study Finds that Netbook Consumers Unaware They're Buying Netbooks

Maximum PC Staff

According to some resent research by The NPD Group, many of the people that are buying netbooks don’t know that they’re doing so.

Sure, the two names may sound familiar (notebook and netbook), but a whopping 60 percent of the people that purchased a netbook expected the same functionality as a notebook. Needless to say, the confusion has led to some irritation.

“We need to make sure consumers are buying a PC intended for what they plan to do with it,” stated Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD. “There is a serious risk of cannibalization in the notebook market that could cause a real threat to netbooks' success. Retailers and manufacturers can't put too much emphasis on PC-like capabilities and general features that could convince consumers that a netbook is a replacement for a notebook. Instead, they should be marketing mobility, portability, and the need for a companion PC to ensure consumers know what they are buying and are more satisfied with their purchases.”

Image Credit: The NPD Group

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