Study Finds Teens Still Like to Text, Captain Obvious Unavailable for Comment

Paul Lilly

Water is still wet, fire is still hot, and the air we breathe is still rich with oxygen. And in other news, teenagers are still really into text messaging. In case you had any doubts, Pew Internet rounded up a whole bunch of teens to discuss their smartphone and texting habits, and found that teens 12-17 years old send 60 text messages on any given day, up from 50 text messages in 2009.

Around 75 percent of teens are doing it (texting, that is), and the majority of those sending more text messages are between the ages of 14-17 years old, who went from a median of 60 texts in day in 2009 to 100 texts currently. Older girls text the most, sending 100 messages a day on average, compared to half as many for boys of the same age.

It should come as no shocker to discover it's no longer hip to talk on a landline. In 2009, 30 percent of teens surveyed said they talked daily with friends on a landline. And now? That number is down by more than half (14 percent). Talking in general is fast becoming uncool, with only 26 percent of teens (both those with and without a mobile phone) actually communicating verbally with their friends every day, down from 38 percent in 2009.

There are lots more stats to digest in the full report .

Image Credit: Flickr (Jhaymesiviphotography)

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