Study Finds CD Sales Still Strong in the Face of Digital Downloads

Paul Lilly

Apple's iTunes and other online music services might be all the rage, but don't go putting CDs into the same category as 8-track tapes. According to a new survey by The Music Ally Speakerbox, CDs are still the preferred medium.

The survey polled 1,000 people and found that a whopping 73 percent, or nearly three-quarters, preferred purchasing CDs rather than downloading their groovy tunes. And these aren't just older folk resisting change, either. The survey found that 66 percent of respondents between the age of 14 and 18 would rather buy a CD than shell out for an MP3 online.

"Music fans have spoken and digital is evidently not the clear cut replacement to the physical CD," said Tim Walker , chief executive of The Leading Question, the research division of music consultancy Musy Ally responsible for carrying out the survey.

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