Study Crowns Internet Explorer 10 as the Most Energy Efficient Browser

Paul Lilly

A new twist in the browser wars.

Up to this point, the browser wars have been defined by market share, standards support, privacy protocols, speed, add-ons, and various other features that make surfing the web a more pleasurable experience. Microsoft would be tickled pink if you'd also consider energy efficiency when deciding which browser to use, because if that's your primary criteria, look no further than Internet Explorer 10.

According to a new study conducted by Fraunhofer USA, IE10 is the most energy efficient browser on Windows 8, though there a couple of caveats, starting with that fact that this is a Microsoft commissioned study; if you're into conspiracy theories, there you go. It's also worth noting that we're only talking a couple watts difference, at best, depending on the situation.

Browsing YouTube on a notebook with Chrome, for example, consumed about 18.5 watts, versus around 17.8 on Firefox and 16.5 on Internet Explorer 10. If you're surfing Craigslist, all three browsers consume a little over 15 watts, on average.

If you average out the power consumption when surfing the web's top 10 sites, Chrome consumes 16.6 watts, Firefox consumes 16.3 watts, and IE10 consumes 15.6 watts. We suppose that could add up if you're a power surfer, though it's not enough to get overly excited about.

See more results in the full report (PDF) .

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