Study Computer Science Online at Stanford for Free

Paul Lilly

Going to college is expensive, and the costs only climb when you start shopping top tier universities. Throw in the cost of books, a dorm room, and booze, and it's no wonder college students stock up on Ramen Noodles during the school year. If you're just in it for the knowledge and not the job-enabling degree, you can take free online courses at Stanford.

I-Programmer first reported the introduction of free online courses at Stanford at the beginning of August, and since that time, over 100,000 prospective students have signed up. There's even been a study group formed at reddit . Free courses include:

Students who complete a course will receive a statement of accomplishment from the instructor with information on how they did and how their performance compared with other online students. These statements of accomplishment don't come with grades or credits, which are reserved for Stanford students enrolled in the regular course.

Even with the influx of prospective students, there's still time to sign up and tell your folks you're taking classes at Stanford.

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