Study: Blackberry Users Suffer iPhone Envy

Paul Lilly

Could the BlackBerry boom be nearing an end? According to a new study by Crowd Science, some 40 percent of BlackBerry users would switch to an Apple iPhone if given the chance.

Crowd Science looked at, among other things, smartphone brand loyalty, and it wasn't just the allure of the iPhone that BlackBerry users found intriguing. Google's Nexus One also left an impression, with a third of the BlackBerry users polled saying they'd be willing to switch their device for Google's smartphone.

"BlackBerry as a brand just isn't garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems," said Crowd Science CEO John Martin.

What's interesting about this is that BlackBerry devices are known for having good keyboards, while both the iPhone and Nexus One only come with on-screen virtual keyboards.

Study (PDF)

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