Study: 80% of Users Ditch a Stream if it Rebuffers

Paul Lilly

Here's a scary statistic for video streaming services: 4 out of 5 viewers will click in the other direction if a video stream rebuffers, according to a new study by Tubemogul.

Before dismissing that figure, content providers should be aware that Tubemogul didn't just gather up a small group of caffeinated teens and feed them a poor internet connection. Instead, the Emeryville-based video distribution and analytics startup analyzed 192 million video streams over a two week period with the goal of figuring out how much rebuffering really matters.

The research was based on both short-form content and longer clips, like TV shows and movies. But what the research team didn't divulge is whether or not the destination played a part in the decision to click away, or if users spending time on Hulu or YouTube were more apt to be forgiving of a rebuffer.

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