Strong Game Portfolio Push Game Sales 14 Percent in October, Says Wedbush

Paul Lilly

If Wedbush's Michael Pachter has the numbers right, then game sales in the U.S. shot way up in October and will tally $690 million once his firm crunches all the digits. That's a 14 percent jump in year-over-year sales compared to the $605 million game makers collected one year prior, and it's because of titles like Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, and NBA 2K12.

According to Pachter, Battlefield 3 played a particularly big role and is the reason Electronic Arts is expected to notch $230 million in game revenue in October all by itself, CNet reports . These numbers bode well for the game industry, as do upcoming titles like Skyrim, GTA V, and Modern Warfare 3. In fact, Pacther called the game lineup for October and November this year "one of the strongest in history," Gamastura said .

While software sales are up, sales of Nintendo's game console are way down. Pachter believes Nintendo only moved 180,000 Wii consoles in October, a drop of 22 percent year-over-year, and well below that of Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales (350,000 units, up 8 percent) and Sony's PS3 (265,000 units, up 6 percent).

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